Internet Security Questions

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Register to read the introduction… Which protocol does a Web server use when transmissions are encrypted for security? HTTPS 20. What type of server resolves fully qualified domain names to IP addresses? DNS server 21. What is the maximum length of a NetBIOS name? 15 characters 22. What is the name of the file that keeps associations between computer names and IP addresses on the local computer? Hosts file 23. What protocol is replacing the POP protocol used to receive email? IMAP 24. Approximately how many IP addresses are available for a single Class A IP license? Class B? Class C? 16 million, 65,000, and 254 25. What are IP addresses called that begin with 10, 172.16 or 192.168? Private IP addresses 26. In what class is the IP address Class B 27. In what class is the IP address Class C 28. Describe the difference between public and private IP addresses. If a network is using private IP addresses, how can the computers on that network access the Internet? Public IP addresses are licensed and authorized to use the Internet. Private IP addresses are not authorized or licensed to use the Internet. A computer with a private IP address uses a proxy server to access the …show more content…
What is the purpose of the command, ping To verify that TCP/IP is configured correctly.

Thinking Critically 1. You have just installed a network adapter and have booted up the system, installing the drivers. You open My Network Places on a remote computer and don’t see the computer on which you just installed the NIC. What is the first thing you check? a. Is File and Printer Sharing installed? b. Is the NetBEUI protocol installed? c. Are the lights on the adapter functioning correctly? d. Has the computer been assigned a computer name?
Answer: c. Are the lights on the adapter functioning correctly? 2. You work in the Accounting Department and have been using a network drive to post Excel spreadsheets to your workgroup as you complete them. When you attempt to save a spreadsheet to the drive, you see the error message, “You do not have access to the folder ‘J:\’. See your administrator for access to this folder.” What should you do first? Second? a. Ask your network administrator to give you permission to access the folder. b. Check My Network Places to verify that you can connect to the network. c. Save the spreadsheet to your hard
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Linda has been assigned the job of connecting five computers to a network. The room holding the five computers has three network ports that connect to a switch in an electrical closet down the hallway. Linda decides to install a second switch in the room. The new switch has four network ports. She uses one port to connect the switch to a wall jack. Now she has five ports available (two wall jacks and three switch ports). While installing and configuring the NICs in the five computers, she discovers that the PCs connected to the two wall jacks work fine, but the three connected to the switch refuse to communicate with the network. What could be wrong and what should she try

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