Internet Pornography : A Serious Problem For Teenagers And Adults

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Internet pornography has become a serious problem for teenagers and adults all over the country and even the world. Pornography of underage minors is illegal. Internet pornography is when sexually explicit content are made available in various contents. Pornography is watched widely around the world. The more that the internet is expanding, the more that pornography is being spread through the web. Pornographic images are transmitted over the internet as ASC11 but they send to images over a network. When certain photos or videos get leaked, it can cause severe embarrassment and many people commit suicide, because the teasing from their peers are unbearable. This is why internet porn should be controlled.

In this day of age, “Sexting” is something that is apart of the culture. “Sexting is sending and receiving sexually explicit messages, primarily between mobile phones”(Web). Many people in relationships send their partner illicit content to their partner 's phone. Even though the partner may be aroused but there can be serious repercussions for the brief moment of ecstasy.

Some people react out of spite and put those private moments on the internet for everyone to see. There was a time where people’s Apple iCloud were being hacked, so many people’s private photos and videos were on different social media sites.

What people do not know is that is a criminal offense and because there was no consent. Young people these days are getting in trouble for leaking pictures…

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