Essay about Internet And The Music Industry

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Ruben Silva
Music Business
Mr. Macpherson
Internet and the Music Industry We’re definitely living in a digital age here and the internet and technology are playing a huge role in the way society functions. The music industry has been tremendously influenced by the internet and the digital world in both positive and negative aspects. Recorded music has been irreversibly devalued thanks to the internet with all the quick easy free access to recorded music virtually from anywhere from ad supported platforms like YouTube and Spotify through cell phones tablets laptops through wifi. Purchasing your favorite album from an online store straight to a device from the comfort of your own home has become the norm but the technology has advanced to the point where many choose to not even pay for their music and some hackers even steal unreleased songs from hacking into artists personal computers. Do the advantages outweigh the disadvantages? I 'm not so sure. The internet now with all these social media platforms has opened a totally new way for fans to interact with each other and now musicians can update their fans through social media about upcoming projects to all their fans directly through twitter, Facebook, instagram, snapchat etc and also musicians have the opportunity to give their fans a sneak peak of an upcoming single, album drop dates, tour dates, link to their newest music video or whatever this is all free promotion now thanks to the internet and has been proven to be…

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