International Trade Today Has Become The Most Important Role Of Today 's Economy

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International Trade today has become the most important role in today’s economy. Trade is an exchange of good, services, assets or money between two countries or resident. However, what countries usually do is pay for goods and services from another country. (Heakal, 2004). The goods can be things like electronics, food, clothes and other. Services is a job or business that a country does for another for example, and mechanic putting all the pieces to the car together is a service. In the International trades there are Good imports and exports coming in and out the countries, which lead to Risk, Opportunities and challenges. For example, there are countries that imports more good from another county than it export to that same country, which is not what was require. (Heakal, 2004). However, the international trade and policies improve and further the international trade, also trading and technology sharing, consumption and real income of countries involved. (Heakal, 2004). Although, if international trade and competition had relationship there can be an economic growth and call allow all countries to benefit from each other. I also believe that international should be to create jobs, they should create more opportunities of between global relationships through exports and imports of goods and services. (Heakal, 2004)
The Challenges of international Trade has been a huge concern form economists and policy creator of the modern world (Economy watch. 2004)…

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