International Trade Paper : The United States

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Nathan Kratz
Dr. Maskay
International Trade Paper
December 2, 2015

The United States has long been one of the major economies in the world. With this, they have been able to have an Industrial Revolution, be able to go through three wars and other conflicts, financial crisis and other economic turmoil’s and still be able to become one of the best economies in the world. Many economic factors have been researched in order to see how or why this is but one component that often gets understated or overlooked is investment. In particular foreign direct investment. The question at hand is whether the United States has truly been less attractive from abroad, recently, when dealing with FDI and if so why? “Meanwhile, ongoing uncertainty over energy, immigration, trade, tax, and regulatory policies continues to deter investment, while encouraging U.S. companies to offshore operations that might otherwise be performed in the United States” (Ikenson). Here we see that there are many different reasons in which some countries don’t want to invest in the United States due to uncertainty. With more US companies offshoring, this shows that they are trying to produce things, at a lesser cost. Moreover, the places they are offshoring may still be investing in these countries, but it’s not investing in the United States. Recently the United States has lost over 3 million jobs to offshoring since 2000. As you can see in Fig. 1, the United States has cut jobs at home while…

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