Essay on International Relations Of International Trade

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In today’s world, it is essential to maintain good performance of international relations in the political, commercial and cultural development, to achieve the global development of countries. No country can fully close its economic borders or be considered self-sufficient and does not need the support of other countries to obtain the resources they lack, because countries cannot produce itself all goods and services that require social demands. For a country to obtain resources they lack it is necessary to carry out trade negotiations and agreements with other countries. The development of international trade makes countries prosper by leveraging the goods they produce better, then trade with other countries. Integration of nations into global markets offers the possibility to accelerate economic growth, create better paying jobs and reduce poverty.

Free trade contributes to the growth of a nation’s economy and allows it to maximize the value of its goods and services. Since the end of World War II most of the first world countries eliminated protectionism and created free trade policies, a trend that is widespread internationally and is a consequence of globalization. World trade has grown enormously in recent years thanks to technological advances, most importantly the internet, that have significantly improved the speed regarding payments and negotiations. International trade allows greater mobility of factors of production between countries, leaving as a result many…

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