International Relations Between The United States Essay

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Introduction and Thesis
For the past century, since its entry into the first World War in 1917, the United States has periodically intervened militarily in other nations because there is no democratically elected supranational government to police the world, the default principle guiding thinking about military intervention has been national sovereignty, or self-determination. Countries should not interfere in the affairs of other countries. However, few have believed that this principle should be absolute. United States has many involvements in international relations that earned it reputation of being the policemen of the world. Because of the world police force military actions or missions in war or conflict has torn areas across the world to enforce global security.
Describe the two (2) international events involving the US military from the past five (5) years you investigated that can be traced back to a foreign policy created after the Civil War.
• Action against Korea, Iran and Iraq
• The military action that the U.S. has taken in support of a number of military missions across the world where the US provided military aid comprising many of helicopters and ammunition.
American definitely undertook several precautions that measured many preventions in the future during the World War time their policies did prevent many nuclear developments despite the fact Americans possess atomic power that was banned in other countries that had Americans implement in several…

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