International Perspectives Of Women Midterm Essay

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International Perspectives of Women Midterm Young women in the Third World face a variety of challenges and difficulties. Their lives are altered, shaped, and formed through major factors. These major factors a social/psychological/physical, political, and economic. The social/psychological/physical factors are early and young marriages, often abusive and nonconsensual, early childhood labor, such as the young girl in “Girls Rising” who was serving men at the age of three, and a lack of education. The lack of education affects all parts of the spectrum, because educating young girls improves the economy and creates a broader and more intellectual political spectrum. Political factors are poor healthcare, such as the lack of treatment of fistulas and stunted growth, and law enforcement, especially in regards to the limits on female education. Finally, economic factors are lack of education of women, thus stunting economic prosperity, distance from cities and therefor distance from health care, and economic over funding of war, creating shortages in education and healthcare. Due to the many factors that affect young women in the Third World, alternative ways of survival have come into place. These alternative waves include secret and self-education in order to improve literacy and independence of women, separate living conditions for those living with an untreated fistula, young marriages that provide financial support for the family of the daughter, and child labor that…

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