International Health Care Policies Essay

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International Health Care Policies

Of the countries that were made available, the three countries health care policies I found most interesting were United Kingdom, Japan and Taiwan. These three countries all had a very different take on how to provide healthcare to the public but they also all managed to do so with a low government GDP.

The United Kingdom is a capitalist democracy with a health care system that tries to support it’s views of an economic, political and social economy. There system is referred to as the National Health Service (NHS), it is government funded and the main source of income is through taxation. The Brits call this process “socialized medicine,” where the government is in charge of providing and funding
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Every citizen is allotted a card when receiving health insurance, it is called the ‘smart card.’ It contains medical history; how many visits the patient has had; and a bill history. It is a system that has much thought put into it, and a system that wouldn't exist without the technological advancements we have today. Taiwan is currently leading in having the lowest health care plan, their GDP is only 6.3%, but from that statistic you can easily tell that the government spends very little on the up keep of their medical system. Taiwan is so concerned about providing health care to all of their citizens that that tend to forget about the hospitals that are actually providing this care and the money they need to stay active.

If the U.S adopted the health care system of the United Kingdom I believe that it would and could eventually work, but like anything else in the U.S it would take time. There system is not one that you can just convert to overnight because of some new reform, it has to gradually be built into our system. Doctors couldn’t turn around one day and suddenly be making a ⅓ of their current salary because the government became in charge of income distribution like in the U.K. The U.K also has gatekeepers or better known as General Practitioners that patients would have to see prior to their visit to the doctors, this would open a whole new private practice sector in the U.S creating more jobs thus being beneficial to

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