International Club : A Place Where Cultures Collide Essay

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International Club

A college campus is a place where cultures collide. Every aspect of the campus can be simplified to being its own unique group subject to different norms and traditions. These group differences can be anywhere from the art department’s use of symbols to express themselves, to shared practices in the wellness center, to the rituals honoring an individual, such as of Doc Farber for the political science department. As with the expectations of this assignment we were supposed to choose a group that would serve as an interesting subject. It took a while to decide just what to choose, but then it dawned on us what group to choose; the International Club. It served as a great subject for diversity, culture, and an organized political structure.
Diversity is something that is celebrated by the members of the International Club, no matter where someone is from, what language (or languages) they speak, or what their beliefs are. One member may have a totally opposite background compared to the next, but that is simply a part of their own cultural identity. All of the different cultures seem to come together to form one larger, shared culture of the International Club, with the culture of each country represented then becoming a subculture. With each meeting that they hold, knowledge about a particular country and its culture is shared with the rest of the club, and even though the members do not necessarily adopt a culture different from their own, they do allow…

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