Internal Sources Of Information

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1.3. Analyze internal and external sources of information and understanding.

Sources of information that an employee apply in the business can be the main information in their own company. In the large organizations like Robert Bosch GMBH would have their own internal and external sources of information. Internal sources are information's that are in the organization and it is confidential and also accurate. Personal information is one of the internal information that is within the company. This information is based on the employees that are working in Robert Bosch GMBH. With this information, Robert Bosch GMBH are able to access to the employees information like the duration of time that he or she had work in the organization and if the
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The financial department team would have to always keep on track on whether the company is on the profit side or losing side. Not only that, the financial team in the company had get ready to abstract all the information on how much the company spent, how much the company pay the salary to the staff, and also the taxes that are paid to the suppliers and government. Once they had gathered all the data that they needed, they would have take their time slowly to discuss with each other to ensure they come with a accurate statement. If something goes wrong, this would effect the managers decisions and the company would face a loss. ‘Garbage in, garbage out’. Therefore to prevent this from happening, Robert Bosch GMBH had figured out a way where if the workers are not sure, they are allowed to ask the experience worker to assist with the statement. This is to make sure that the statements that they made are always free from errors. This are part of the financial statement that had been created by Robert Bosch GMBH that are free from errors and is …show more content…
The company need to get the external information from the environment in order to make effective decision. One of the ways to get the external information is by targeting the suppliers. Suppliers are external stakeholders that provides products and services for the organization to produce and complete their finished products for the customers. For an example, Robert Bosch would need the materials like drill bits, rechargeable batteries, motor, concrete, steel, wood, and built in light to build drills for the customers. Before that, Robert Bosch had already look into the suppliers that are reliable and ensure the quality of the goods before they supply to Robert Bosch GMBH. Suppliers that are able to send the products just in time. Timeliness is a very important role where every organization or suppliers must have. By this way, the company would be able to make a contract with the trustworthy supplier. If they are supplying the materials then Robert Bosch would have a Support Development Program to ensure that all the employees that are involved in supplying the products are well train and able to absorb all the information and knowledge in order to be free from making

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