Vincent And Foster Parents Case Study

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Case File One: Assignment Two
1. Comment on the quality of the attachment relationship between Vincent and his mother. Based on this, do you think that Vincent is at risk for developmental problems? If so, explain.
Throughout the case, we learned that Vincent and his mother had a strong bond, which caused some issues when being placed in foster care. While in foster care, he continuously asked when his mother was coming to visit, but after being told she is still getting better, he seemed to be okay. However, after Vincent’s mother was taken away from him, he began to worry throughout school if his foster mom would show up to get him after school. The attachment formed between his biological mother and him was so powerful, that it caused
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Vincent seemed to have some trouble staying on task, but he is autistic. Some autistic individuals have trouble staying focused on many different things. Vincent seemed to stay calm even after being placed in his foster home. Vincent adapts well with change, which helped him tremendously when entering the atmosphere of a new school and home. Throughout his life, Vincent seemed to be a calm child who was very independent and helped his mother with chores. Also, he seemed to click well with the foster families daughter who was around his age. Therefore, Vincent’s is very quite, kind, and …show more content…
While his mother is still facing severe depression, this could cause Vincent harm when having to face neglect from his mother, once again. Being in custody with a parent who has been hospitalized several times with attempts of suicide, can provide damage to the mindset of Vincent. Also, Vincent may want to try to hurt himself if he sees his mother do it because they have a special bond. Many kids imitate everything grown-ups do around them. However, having him in the loving atmosphere of his current foster home provides warmth and love into his life. Also, knowing that they will not leave him will cause a positive outcome. So, neglect is the main risk factor, but being in a loving atmosphere provides positivity in his

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