Intercultural Marriage Is Not A Fresh Label Among The Public Essay

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Intercultural marriage
As the concept of global village has been widely spread, it is highly convenient to communicate with people from various backgrounds. Gradually, intercultural marriage is not a fresh label among the public. There are plenty of benefits of experiencing a variety of cultures. However, getting married to a person from different cultures is questioning by many people, because the conflicts caused by cultural diversity are inevitable even in the daily life. From my perspective of view, most of cross cultural marriages can not become successful, since communication barriers, childrearing problems and family support are the common obstacles that need to be overcome.
First of all, problems in daily communication barriers could lead to marital dissatisfaction. To be more specific, Speaking second language is definitely not as comfortable as mother language. People are likely to misunderstand other’s ideas. Hence, inappropriate usage of language is one source of marital discord. In ‘ Language Introductory analysis of factors affecting intercultural couples in the context of Singapore’’, Skowroński emphasis that problems caused by different living environments and cultural backgrounds would probably become disturbances and conflicts among couples, such as the differences in grammar, vocabulary levels, and language experiences. Although those factors are seemingly insignificant, they do damage emotional relationship and leave a bad fuse to the future. It is…

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