Essay about Intellectual Property Laws And Enforcement

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Intellectual Property Piracy In today’s society, piracy of intellectual property is one of the most common activities on the internet. Intellectual property has become more and more important to the modern world because the reliance on technologies has increased significantly over the past decade, and much intellectual property has been digitized. The majority of the public is not aware of the importance of intellectual property rights, because intellectual property can be easily obtained by everyone. Creators, or artists, throughout the world have many problems with piracy of intellectual property, especially the entertainment industry. Peer-to-peer file-sharing websites are the one common place where anyone can download others’ intellectual property easily and quickly, which leads to the loss of sales for businesses. Intellectual property includes music, books, designs, symbol, images, trademarks, and ideas. Intellectual property should be protected by stricter laws and enforcement, because the current system has failed to protect the creators from different types of piracy. Intellectual property laws and regulation were established to protect the works of the creators. Without laws and regulations, such as copyright, patents, and trademarks, new ideas would not be invented often, because people can steal the work or idea easily without any criminal penalties. In the comic “Doonesbury” created by Garry Trudeau – an American social and political cartoonist – it portrays…

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