Intel - Financial Position Analysis Essay

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INTEL Corporation

Financial position analysis

Engels Evgeny
Narinyani Anton
Paus Yanis
Polikarkin Alexey
Ushakov Denis
Uskova Natalia
Valishev Timur

Group F31A
Business Overview 5
Brief Historical Data 5
Products 6
Components 6
Platforms 6
Additional Product Offerings 6
Products and Percentage of Revenue 7
Other Products: 7
Research and Development 8
Sales structure 8
Marketing 8
Competition 9
Competitors and Market Shares 10
Financial Analysis 11
Financial Statements Analysis 11
Sales and income 11
Assets structure 12
Liabilities & OE 12
Dividends 13
Net cash flows from business activities 13
Comparison to main competitors 14
Financial Ratios Analysis 14
Liquidity ratios 14
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Additional Product Offerings
NAND flash memory is a specialized type of memory component primarily used in memory cards, digital audio players, and system-level applications, such as solid-state drives used to store data and program code.
Communications infrastructure products
Network and server storage products.
Products and Percentage of Revenue
Revenue from sales of microprocessors for our major operating segments, presented as a percentage of our consolidated net revenue, was as follows (Dollars in Millions):

Digital Enterprise Group: products that are incorporated into desktop and nettop computers, enterprise computing servers and workstations, a broad range of embedded applications, and other products that help make up the infrastructure for the Internet.
Mobility Group: products including microprocessors and related chipsets designed for the notebook and netbook market segments, wireless connectivity products, and energy-efficient products designed for the MID and ultra-mobile PC market segments.
Other Products:
NAND Solutions Group, Digital Home Group, Digital Health Group:

Research and Development
Intel investing in world-class technology development, particularly in the design and manufacture of integrated circuits. Research and development (R&D) expenditures in 2008 were $5.7 billion ($5.8 billion in fiscal year 2007 and $5.9 billion in fiscal year 2006). R&D activities

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