Integration Of Faith And Learning

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Integration of Faith and Learning The purpose of this paper is to explore religions that differ from Christianity and how these differences impact worldview and business conduct. The focus of the paper will be on the nation of Thailand, which primarily practices the religion of Buddhism. The worldview of both Buddhism and Christianity will be compared and contrasted against each other. The similarities, and differences, between the worldviews have implications to the Christian leader. This paper will explore these implications in detail. Lastly, the paper will address how a Christian leader prepares to work in a nation that practices different religions than that of Christianity.
Country Overview Thailand is in in Southeast Asia bordered by the countries of Burma, Cambodia, Laos and Malaysia. The country is also bordered to the Gulf of Thailand, which feeds in to the South China Sea. The climate is tropical, which results in an average yearly temperature in the low 80’s and has two monsoon seasons per year.
The population exceeds 67 million with approximately 34% living in urban areas. The largest ethnic group is Thai at over 95% and then Burmese at just over 1% of the overall population. Thai is the official language and only the elite within the country are taught English as a second language. Approximately 93% of the total population is literate with males at a slightly higher average. Thailand is a constitutional monarchy with King Bhumibol Adulyadej

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