Instructional Technology Essay

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Instructional Technology

Joey Millis, RN CEN

HSN/548: Role of the Health Care / Nursing Educator

March 12, 2012

Rebecca Gesler

Instructional Technology

Instructional technology is often considered as computers and computer software, but there are a vast variety of instructional technology tools that are being used in today's classroom. These tools along with the aid of computers and software are used in the instructional methods of today's institutional learning centers. The Oregon Department of Education states that, "Instructional technology is used to support teaching and learning, but they are only tools to enhance the individuals or groups capability to learn"(2002, p.2, para.4). When
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3). Distinctive applications of instructional technology may perhaps use predictable media such as videotapes, computer assisted instruction, or more multifaceted systems, such as hypermedia programs in which computers are used to administer the demonstration of acoustic and illustration of images stored on CD-ROM and digital video discs. The use of telecommunication systems, predominantly the Internet, or as it is called the World Wide Web factor, have immense guarantees for use in classrooms and for distance education. Blackhurst states in paragraph 6 of the same article that,

"Computer software systems are now available that can be used to manage the delivery of instruction via the Web. Such systems have been used successfully to deliver instruction to undergraduate and graduate students on topics related to special education" (2012).

It is imperative to note the a variety of mechanisms of the above description and to comprehend that knowledge is in fact a tool for the delivery of instruction. In this conceptualization, scientific devices are well thought-out as a means to an end and not an end in and of themselves. Use of technology cannot balance for instruction that is inadequately planned or implemented.

Technology Competency

With the recent development of instructional technology being phased into the learning curve of today's educational society. Successful

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