Benefits Of Assistive Technology

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Technology can be very liberating for kids who are exceptional. By gaining an understanding of Instructional Technology as well as Assistive Technology educators will be able to recognize how they are both beneficial to student with disabilities.
Assistive technology is defined as, “any device, piece of equipment or system that helps bypass, work around or compensate for an individual 's specific learning deficits.” (Stanberry & Raskind, 2009, para.4) A.T. is any equipment used to help someone with a disability complete daily tasks. A.T. enable children with disabilities to work more independently in their environment. The use of Assistive Technology proves to be helpful in improving exceptional children quality of life.
There are different
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Assistive technology moreover, provides a way for children with learning disabilities to achieve specific tasks on their own.” (Adebisi, Liman, & Longpoe, 2015, p.16) Areas in which Assistive Technology are useful are communication, accessibility, daily activities, mobility, education, and so much more. For example the use of A.T. communication devices such as picture boards, and voice output communication devices allows communication with a child have problems with speech or are unable to speak at all. Then you have devices like Computer-Based Instructional devices which is useful in improving skills such as writing, reading, and math in exceptional children. “The potential for assistive technology children with learning disabilities is great, its benefits include enhancing academic achievement in written expression, reading, mathematics, and spelling; improving organization; and fostering social acceptance.” (Adebisi, Liman, & Longpoe, 2015, p. 15) Without A.T. equipment many exceptional children are not able to fully benefit from a traditional teaching …show more content…
55) Instructional technology consist of many useful devices that help the class as a whole. With teacher being more open to the use of Instructional devices in the class, students now have the opportunities to experience technology in an educational way. Student are being introduced to technology that enhances the classroom experience. There is no doubt that Instructional Technology are used as a tool to enhance the learning experience. The use of Instructional technology devices are great for teaching academic skills like writing and reading and subject matter content like science and history.
Instructional devices are great for academic skills because they allow interactive learning. “Examples include videotapes, computer-assisted instruction, and complex hypermedia programs in which computers are used to control the display of audio and visual images stored on videodisc.” (Santrock, 2011, p. 243). While Instructional Technology has proved to be very beneficial for exceptional children; teacher must be able to introduce the equipment to their class in a matter which allow it to have an optimum

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