Why Is Instagram Important

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Jessica Wang
Professor Cihak
English 802
September 20th, 2017
The Importance of “Like”

Instagram is a form of social media that enables users to capture and upload moments for friends and families to see. Instagram’s tremendous success and positive feedback encourage improvements and enhancements to continue to appeal to their active participants; remaining relevant to popular culture. Since the release in 2010, there have been many changes to cater towards a greater audience. Instagram has debatably become the most successful form of social media today. Users spend copious hours browsing and thinking about things they’ve seen on Instagram. “Pics or it didn’t happen,” a mantra that is often repeated by Instagrammers. Since Instagram has
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They the power to put on a facade to give followers an impression of someone they truly are not. The obsession that some have with receiving of likes, comments, and followers gives Instagrammers social support and the perception of many friends. “Pics or it didn’t happen,” a famous catchphrase on Instagram that stresses the value of building on visibility and attention on social media. Instagrammers are constantly refreshing their feed with new photos; updating their followers on their latest endeavors. Some users may participate in specific events solely to capture a picture for Instagram. Photoshop and editing apps have become extremely popular as Instagrammers manipulate pictures as they desire. Researchers have also gathered data to determine the specific times of the week that Instagrammers are most active; informing users the prime time to post their pictures for the optimal amount of likes. The fixation with numbers on Instagram influences behavior in some …show more content…
Since then, many changes have been made to appeal to a larger audience and to remain relevant in popular culture. Features such as direct messaging, Instagram stories, videos, and disappearing photos have been added to improve the experience. Instagram has been accused of copying aspects of a different popular social media app known as, Snapchat with their disappearing photos and stories, but it has not stopped users from taking advantage of those features. This makes digital intimacy more convenient allowing for greater digital empathy. Another successful form of social media, Facebook, is interrelated with Instagram. Linking Facebook accounts to an Instagram account which allows for Facebook friends with Instagram to find one another. Instagram has become a focal point in a vast majority of millennials’ social life. Likes, followers, and comments become more than just a tap or words typed on a screen, but positive reinforcement and social support. This gives us an idea of the perception that our society has for us and will ultimately reflect on how we view

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