'Balance In The Movie Inside Out'

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Koi Fresco said, “Balance is the key to everything. What we do, think, say, eat, feel, they all require awareness and through this awareness we can grow.” Emotions affect everything, our emotions, personalities, and activities. We need to let our emotions express themselves through our actions to have emotional balance, which leads to an individual perspective on life. How we see and learn about the world is heavily influenced by our parents, emotions, and past experiences.

Emotions influence our decisions and thoughts all the time. In the movie Inside Out, directed by Pete Docter, the main character, Riley, is continuously controlled by her feelings. First, it shows her childhood, where everything was simple and containing her emotional balance was simple. Her emotions were easily manipulated by the outside world and her parents. As she grew up, she was faced with different challenges that she had to conquer. In her head, the feelings Joy and Sadness had an evolving relationship. Initially, Joy wanted to suppress Sadness and keep her secluded and away from the
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This clean outlook means I can make an unbiased opinion about how something makes me feel. When I think of specific memories, I feel nervous or fearful, happy, or stressed. Some examples are the first day of school, both in high school and kindergarten, and when I stand in front of the class. I let my emotions control these moments because I was taught that I need my own point of view on things. Somebody else might see the first day of school as boring and distasteful. I tend to keep my emotions and thoughts to myself because I am afraid of criticism. I should communicate my emotions with other people because it would help me practise emotional balance. In Inside Out, Riley has 5 or 6 core memories that shape who she is. I think that most of my core memories would be yellow, because the things that influence my personality, make me

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