Inherit The Wind: Character Analysis

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. William Jennings Bryan was a three-time candidate for president in the years 1896, 1900 and 1908. He was also a Democratic and Populist leader (The Editors of Encyclopedia Britannica 1). In the play, Inherit the Wind Matthew Harrison Brady is the fictional character of William Jennings Bryan in the book and they both share these traits religious, confidence, and the will to never give up.
Brady and Bryan were to connect to the people of Dayton through religion. “Bryan’s religion was Presbyterian and he opposed the idea that religion should be brought into politics or politics into religion” (Edwards 1). To lay it in an alternative way, Bryan thought that if both religion and politics joined together they would become corrupt. Therefore,
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In Inherit the Wind, Brady says, “The whole world will be watching our victory over Drummond” (Lawrence, and Lee 29). That displays that Brady was a lot of confidence going into the trial and not thinking if Drummond would beat him. Brady didn’t stop because of the thought of Drummond being a topnotch defense attorney. Next is Bryan and how he showed confidence. Although he lost the presidential race three times in 1896, 1900, and in 1908 he never stopped there. He was also appointed Secretary of State in 1913 (The Editors of Encyclopedia Britannica 1). That comes to show that he would not let a loss get in his way.
Brady and Bryan together bared the will to never give up. “Bryan might have lost the presidential race three. He never stopped there.” (The Editors of Encyclopedia Britannica 1). After those three loses he continued to have a career in law order. But before that, he was appointed Secretary of State in 1913 as I listed in the last paragraph. Now on to Brady. In Inherit the Wind, Drummond called up Brady to the stand and Brady didn’t hesitate to walk up be questioned by him. When he sat down on the stand he knew had to find a way to win the trial and not just give up

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