Informative Speech : Psychological Profiling Essay

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Topic: Psychological Profiling
General Purpose: To inform
Specific Purpose: To inform my audience about psychological profiling.
Central Idea Statement/Thesis: I will discuss (1) what psychological profiling is, (2) the profiling of Jack the Ripper, and (3) the most important uses of psychological profiling.

I. [Attention Getter] Which well-known murderer is not defined as a serial killer? (Pictures of known offenders)
II. [Topic Justification] Knowing the human behavior of offenders by using the psychological profiling method is the the best way for criminal investigators to apprehend the culprit(s), specifically serial killers.
The answer to the previous question is Anders Behring Breivik who has killed 77 people in the year 2011 on the same day. Eight of those people were killed by a car bomb in Oslo, Norway, and the other 69 were killed from him gunning them down on a rampage on Utoya Island (“The Serial Killer”).
That’s a lot of people! So why is he not considered a serial killer?
A serial killer is defined as "The unlawful killing of two or more victims by the same offender(s), in separate events" (Ibid).
Breivik murdered all of those people on the same day with no cooling-off period, so he is considered a “spree killer,” not a serial killer (Ibid).
III. [Speaker Credibility] My name is Ashley Siler and I am interested on the subject of psychological…

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