Informative Essay: The Role Of Government In The United States

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The role of government in the United States is to provide for its people, and to pay for broken roads, pay for education, make sure that everyone has a job to get a home in the United States, and to make sure that our country is secure. Some rights and freedoms that the government must protect are that a government must protect the freedom of people to choose, change and remove State's political, administrative and economic systems in my opinion. One obligation that a government have to its citizens is to protect the nation from other nations and peoples that would do them harm. This shows that the government in the united states has many obligations to its people. However some other people could disagree with that by saying that governments in the United States don't do enough stuff for its people. This paragraph was very interesting for me to write. I know that there are many ways to apply government on education. …show more content…
For example, in the infoplease website it says this “The federal government implements economic policies aimed at generating full employment as well as low inflation. While this benefits wealthy Americans as well as the less well off.” This shows that government can be applied to poverty in some ways like how if the government gave more money to people the average household income would have been 62 thousand dollars a year. Also, in the infoplease website it says that “the United States generally provides its citizens with a lower level of government support for health and human services than most developed European nations.” This proves that the government can be applied to poverty because the government provides lower level support for people and health. In my recent paragraph I have shown that there are many ways to apply government in poverty. One last things I would add is that the government should help families that are in

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