Essay about Information: Writing and Harvard Business School

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Signature Assignment: My Northcentral University Success Guide
Mary F. Stokes
Dr. Michael Voris

Northcentral University . (2013). Library . Retrieved from NCU Library :
The library is one of my most precious resources. It’s a valuable assets especially when it comes to writing dissertation and essay. I will be using it very offer to research information for my future course. It have a tutorial that’s very helpful that assist me in familiarize myself with primary and secondary resources, and variety of information from peer reviewed articles, eBooks, and journals. It will be used as the hub of my basis of research development and webinars to better
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This services is a 24/7 operation with a live tutor that I can interact with or submit a question, or scheduled appointment with and get help with just about anything that could make me excelled in my educational career. I will use this service to ensure I will be submitting a full grammatical error free essay and dissertation and evaluate my ability to use a highly developed vocabulary. I can access this through the NCU writing center.
American Psychological Association . (2010). Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association. District of Columbia: American Psychological Association .
This will be my main reference for all information when I need information on anything that will involve APA styling. I will be using the book as well as accessing all information offered on the APA website directly associated with the book.

Bloker, J. (1998). How to Write Your Dissertation in Fifteen Minutes a Day. New York: Owl Books.

This book is an excellent guide that I will use on the best way to write an excellent dissertation, while managing my time, and evaluating my own work. It also will be a great motivator to me as a gift from a deeply respected mentor. I will access it at home.

Harvard Business School . (2013). Faculty and Research . Retrieved from Harvard Business School :


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