Information Control And Influence On Emergent Buying Centers Essay

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A buying center is a system that deals with the decision-making process, of an organization, in purchasing a certain product or service. The major topic discussed in the article, “Information Control and Influence in Emergent Buying Centers”, deals with the importance of information control and “how buying center members influence the supplier selection process” (Dawes, Dowling, and Lee 55). The author’s goal is to understand the contribution of information control, personal attributes, and firm characteristics in determining an individual’s influence in a buying center. The research conducted by the authors involves surveying firms that purchased a new digital data system called Private Branch Exchange (PBX). The unique finding in this article is how each of these factors can affect one or the other, and ultimately increases an individual’s influence in a buying center. Information control is an individual’s power to control the flow and access of information within an organization. According to the article, “the control of information in a group such as a buying center can occur because of the manager’s structural position” (56). This enables a person in a higher organizational position to limit other individuals from having an influence in the supplier selection process. Two personal attributes that can also affect an individual’s influence are stakeholding and innovative orientation. A person’s individual stake in a company can determine how much that person is at…

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