Information And Communication Technologies ( Ict ) For Managing The Quality Of Tourism Traffic

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4. Digital technology innovation 4.1 The role of Internet and travel agents The emerging of travel and tourism has depended extensively on information and communication technologies (ICT) for managing the quality of tourism traffic. The development of Internet gives opportunities to SME- travel agents to reach out global customers and suppliers. ICT innovation is increasingly important for management and marketing of tourism and travel agents Company. They also assist travel agents to determine customer-behavior of decision-making process from product search to consumption. According to Heung 2003, bricks-and-mortal travel agents are under threat of competing online booking server of the travel industry (Heung, 2003, Standing et al.,) Changing customer buying behavior and products distribution structure of travel industry have led disintermediation of travel agents from the market. With the global business move towards innovation and development technology improving the productive and competitiveness of tourism industry, travel agents must reposition their transitional brick and mortals, adopt the new ways of doing business by exploiting internet technologies. At present, traditional bricks and mortal travel intermediaries are adopting ICTs to added value to their customers. ICTs have become advantage of travel agencies to comprehend their customers buying habits and plan their business ahead. In addition, the development of the Internet has affected retail travel agency in…

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