Oprah Winfrey Influence On Society

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Oprah Uses Her Influence to Endorse Harmful Health and Beauty Products
Oprah Winfrey has been wildly successful. From hosting a morning show on a Chicago-based TV station to hosting The Oprah Winfrey Show for 25 years, she is arguably one of the most successful celebrities in the United States and beyond. Even after curtains closed on her show that ran for 25 seasons, she continued her success by launching her own television network, Oprah Winfrey Network (OWN). According to Forbes magazine, OWN recorded its first positive cash flow in 2013. The future looks bright for the TV network and the celebrity billionaire.
Oprah’s influence on American society has been as longstanding as her successful TV show. She, for instance, was featured nine years
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Patricia Wexler who presented the show’s viewers with a skin-tightening procedure called Thermage. Wexler claimed Thermage makes the jawline tighter only to later admit she had no idea how effective the treatment was. She also, never mentioned the risks involved with the procedure and Oprah never questioned her about the same. Some of the risks include indentations and facial …show more content…
Together, they sold the ‘Thread Lift’ idea saying the procedure was a facelift that took just 1 hour with amazing results. Nothing was mentioned about the procedure’s possible risks that include damage to the facial tissue.
Oprah is currently under fire for agreeing to a multi-million dollar Monsanto advertising campaign. Monsanto has been described in some quarters as the most evil company on the face of the earth. It is a GMO company that seeks to get GMO products more accepted in the society. The ad campaign is scheduled for early 2015. Oprah’s decision to accept money from Monsanto is a surprising development given her vibrant campaign for organic foods.
While Oprah has done a lot of good in the society, she has also endorsed products she ought, not to endorse. She has perpetuated what Time magazine calls consumerism and materialism sometimes with an apparent knowledge of the horrible side-effects and risks some of those products have on a person’s wellbeing. The death of two people who used the neti pots after her endorsement should have persuaded her to do more thorough background checks of the products she chooses to endorse and the companies she accepts money

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