Influence Of My Mom

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Throughout my life, there have been so many influential people who have greatly impacted my life, but the one person who has influenced the most change in my life is my mom. Her love for her family has moved me to be a better person towards my family, and has helped me become a better person for them. She has also inspired me be the better version of myself and has helped me understand that the most influential of people are those who never stop trying to be better people.

My mom was born in Vietnam, but one of the things that I enjoy most about her is hearing her stories about her life when she lived there. From her experiences growing up in this country, my mom has always taught me the importance of humbleness and simplicity because Vietnam
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Even though I sometimes think that my mom can be a little harsh with me, my mom is always reasonable, and she never does anything out of favoritism. There were times where I’d felt like I wasn’t appreciated enough, and sometimes her fair judgement in making decisions that I don’t agree with hindered my ability to get to love her more, but my mom is always truthful and she always does what is right. Sometimes, when I’m tempted to do something wrong that nobody will notice, my mom will always be there to tell me to do the right thing. My mom has always shown me how doing the right thing will allow me to go further in life, and she has ever since been my light of …show more content…
When I went to elementary school, I remember my mom always walking me to class and holding my hand every day. I loved my mom, and it didn’t bother me, until I started prioritizing my friends before my own parents. I became embarrassed to hold her hand, and I asked her if I could walk to class alone. She was upset with me, and we ended up not talking for an entire week. I didn’t seem to understand what the big deal was because I still loved her. It wasn 't until many years later when I somewhat understood my mom’s position and I realized that she just wanted to hold my hand so that she can feel loved by me. I was so preoccupied with school and my friends that I was taking away the time and effort that I hard used to put in to spend time with her. My mom’s love for me has always been the inspiration for me to be more kinder to people, especially to those who I take for granted or even sometimes overlook. Her caring personality always stands as a reminder for me to love everyone around me and to show kindness to people by letting them know how much they mean me, and always being positive towards

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