Influence Of A Body Image Essay

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A body image is a unique, subjective combination of all the thoughts, emotions, and judgments that an individual may perceive about his or her own body. This image is strongly influenced and often times skewed due to the increasing pressure created from outside, societal factors such as family, society, mass media, and advertising. Even cultural aspects affect individuals. Often times, certain cultures idealize the idea of being thin, creating social pressure for individuals to maintain a stereotypical body image. However, no matter what the outside influence happens to be, individuals are constantly exposed to images that supposedly define bodily perfection. Individuals then feel the need to resemble these images in order to fit in with and/or please society. When one conforms to societal expectations, he or she is concealing personal preferences. The unrealistic expectations that are created by family, society, the media, and advertising forces unwanted pressure on individuals who feel as if they need to resemble these images to have society’s approval. One of the largest, most significant influences on an individual is the family. According to David Newman, author of Exploring the Architecture of Everyday Life, a family consists of “two or more persons, including the householder, who are related by birth, marriage, or adoption, and who live together as one household” (Newman, 2010, 195). Studies have shown that the home and family environment has the most influential…

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