Infant Observation Essay

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For this assessment I chose to observe my six- month old daughter, Abigail, interacting with her mother, Melissa. Abigail is our third child and Melissa is comfortable with her role as mother. Abigail was born full term and is a healthy baby. All developmental milestones have been reached up until this point. She is a happy baby.
Abigail and her mom began the morning with Abigail getting dressed. She smiled and cooed at her mother as soon as she saw her and was taken out of her crib. Melissa said, “good morning” to her in a pleasant tone and Abigail squealed with delight and began moving her arms and legs in excitement. They hugged for a bit and then Abigail was placed on the bed to have her diaper changed and get dressed. She
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Abigail enjoyed the music coming from the box and babbled while Melissa sang songs and clapped her hands. This went on for several minutes. Abigail is engaging in play using her senses. She is listening to the music, observing the cause and effect, and using her mouth and hands to explore the objects. When Abigail dropped the coins and began pushing the box away with her feet, Melissa removed the box.
Abigail was then presented with a stack of colorful nesting cups. Abigail immediately reached for the nesting cups to pick up and placed them in her mouth. In a pleasant tone, mother removed the cups from her mouth and stacked them for her stating the different colors that were there. Abigail reached for the top purple cup as the mother stated that she had the purple cup and Abigail placed it in her mouth. Melissa removed the purple cup and gave her two blue cups (one for each hand) that she took and began to examine them. Abigail then began to put them together in front of her and bang them. At one point, the blue cup flew out of her hand as she was moving them. She appeared startled at first but then watched where it landed across from her. She looked up at Melissa who retrieved the cup and gave it back to her which led her to continue putting the cups together in front of her. Abigail was attempting to re-create the effect of the cups flying. She is beginning to understand that her actions have effect on the

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