The Cloth Mother Summary

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In the late 1950, there were a lot of controversies whether babies are passive or active babies. According to baby expert, babies couldn’t recognize faces and color; babies were a bundle of reflexes. However, this wasn’t true at all. In the Competent Infant, he shows the opposite of what the baby’s expert said. Babies paid attention to people. Suddenly, researcher was contacting Harlow to know more about his study. The aspect that made Harlow different than other researchers is that he truly advocate for what he believe. He didn’t stop until he convinced them. Harlow made the theory of attachment return to the spotlight. Monkeys provide awareness on child rearing. In addition, Harlow wants people to see the connection between primate work …show more content…
The swing mother provides a better for their child needs. In the open field test, the baby monkeys were much braver and adventurous compare to the baby monkey of the cloth mother. The swing mother resembled the real monkey. It provide additional stimulus that the cloth mother didn’t provide. Social interaction was very important for the development of a child. The cloth mother, also known as the stationary mother, didn’t provide their child with a lot of opportunities. In fact, they had limited opportunities. According to Harlow, his cloth mother was a useless mother. She wasn’t really able to provide her child with social skill that the child needed for development or encourage the child to leave and be independent. Harlow insisted that a mother has to give their child independence. The mother needs to show the child how to create a relationship with other. One relationship was insufficient. The child needs a support network that will be there for him. A child needs to first attain the relationship with his mother. If he successfully does it, then he is able to move to other animals. If not, then the monkey spends most of it time trying to gain his relationship with his mother. Harlow pointed out that play is necessary for a child to learn socially and allow them to form friendship with

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