Essay on Infant Adoption Preparation : What You Should

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Everyone will agree that having a family is expensive. Yet in the next breath they’ll say with a smile, “But it’s definitely worth it.” When adoptive parents are in the waiting stage, they often spend a lot of their time preparing. In many cases, this means shopping. In some cases this means splurging. And splurging means everything just got even more expensive than expected. While more expensive doesn’t always mean better, there are some items you should splurge on.

Infant Adoption Preparation: What You Should Splurge On & What You Shouldn’t

To Splurge: Stroller, Car Seat, Baby Toiletries, Blackout Shades, Baby Carrier, and Glider.
Not To Splurge: High Chair, Onesies, Bassinet, Bottle Sanitizer, and Bouncer.

The stroller is particularly important if you are about to become an urban mom. Running errands around town on foot means a big basket and smooth push are must haves for your baby’s stroller. If you’re adopted infant will be coming home to the suburbs aim for a nice stroller with air or foam filled tires that will leave baby floating on air and snoozing their way through walks.

Splurge on the car seat; this is the most important piece of baby gear adoptive parents will buy before bringing their baby home. Make sure you get top of the line safety features combined with cushy padding, a big sunshade, a comfortable handle that doesn’t immediately dig into the crook of your arm when you pick it up, and that it can conveniently snap into your stroller.

The high…

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