Global Inequality: The Similarities Between Mexico And Australia

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Global inequality is one of the least talked about subjects, but it is one of the biggest problems in the world today. Mexico and Australia are two countries that, when compared, are a prime example global inequality. From observing the interesting facts and statistics obtained from the research on these two countries, Mexico and Australia are very diverse to one another. These two countries share many similarities on the surface, but differ strongly in both culture and economy. The largest difference between Mexico and Australia is that of population. When looking at a world map, you can clearly see that Australia is nearly two to three times the size of Mexico. However, Mexico has over five times the population of Australia. Australia has …show more content…
America defines literacy rate by people age 7 and older who can read and write. Nevermore, Australia and Mexico both define literacy rate by people above age 15 who can read and write (“The Australian Language,” n.d.). Almost all of Australia 's population above the age of 15 can read and write, with a literacy rate of 99% (“The Australian Language,” n.d.). On the contrary, Mexico has a literacy rate of about 93.96% (“Mexico-Literacy Rate,” n.d.). This percentage could result from lack of schools, and lack of jobs requiring the type of education other countries jobs do. Jobs in Australia and more upscale countries require more education, whereas jobs in Mexico require more physical labor and hard work. This, however makes jobs in Mexico more accessible than jobs in Australia. The unemployment rate in Australia is slightly less than one percent over Mexico’s unemployment rate. The jobs in Australia may pay more, but the jobs in Mexico are seemingly more available. However, since Mexican jobs pay less, Mexican citizens tend to look towards America for better opportunities. If ever there was a time you questioned why so many Mexican citizens illegally cross the border and risk it all to work in America, question no more. The poverty line in Mexico is defined as making $157.70 USD in a month, and 46.2% of the whole population are considered to be living beneath it (Reuters, 2015). More people in Mexico are employed in comparison to Australia, but the working people in Mexico are still considered to be living in poverty. Services (2013) states that in Australia, “The poverty line (50% of median income) for a single adult was $426.30 USD a week. For a couple with 2 children, it was $895.22 USD a week… 13.3% of the population live underneath the poverty line.” This is significantly higher than Mexico 's poverty line, and is

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