Industrialization Of Industrialization During The Early 19th Century

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Most people will agree that the Industrialization Revolution began in the early 18th century. During this time of industrialization where the old was coming in with the new; agriculture was being replaced with machines that could make the goods needed for people to survive. And with that taking place, the needs of human labor came to a stop and were replaced with this mass production that only required little to no skill to attain. In fact, industrialization triggered a social as well as economic change. In addition, the perception of industrialization varied; for example the proletarians who were a class of people who merely were dependent on everyday employment did not embrace this change at first as they became another piece of product, their wages fell, and the relations with family disappeared. On the other hand, the bourgeoisie who were solely focused on the increase of property value welcomed this change as they experienced an increase in their wealth as well as their overall power. It is therefore appropriate to examine the perceptions of the different classes. Specifically, bourgeoisie and proletarians as it relates to industrialization, revolutions, and the overall result of nations without class distinctions. Furthermore into the social changes that was caused by the industrialization, resulted in many different ways, good and bad depending on the class you were a part of. In the end result the industrialization revolution would become one of the greatest…

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