Essay on Industrialization Is A Process Of Social And Economic Change

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By definition, industrialization is a process of social and economic change whereby a human society is transformed from a pre-industrial to an industrial state. This social and economic change is closely intertwined with technological innovation, particularly the development of large-scale energy production and metallurgy. The textbook, "Traditions and Encounters" states that, " Industrialization refers to a process that transformed agrarian and handicraft-centered economies into economies distinguished by industry and machine manufacture" (page 516, par.4). The process of industrialization were changes in technological development, made to increase productivity. In order to be successful during the time of industrialization, money, power, and resources were a necessary must. Due to Great Britain 's vas power and population, industrialization was very necessary to help them economically. Industrialization created more jobs and money for Great Britain making it a very stable country. Great Britain also had a tremendous amount of natural resources which made Industrialization very easy for them. For example, coal was an available resource to Great Britain which they utilized for energy. Iron was also an important resource that was used, creating new machines that would create a factory system. The most famous and earliest known product to undergo the revolution was cotton. Great Britain needed to come up with a more productive way to keep up with their wool trade, "To…

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