Pros And Cons Of Industrialism

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Industrialism Essay
Every aspect of life someway has been influenced by the industrial revolution. The industrial revolution took place from around 1760 to 1820 (19th century). Beginning with Great Britain within a few decades spread throughout the western hemisphere. This revolution transformed old manufacturing processes by speeding production methods through machinery, chemical manufacturing, and increasing use of steam and electrical power. One of the most important changes of the industrial revolution was switching wood to coal as fuel. The Industrial Revolution has also had important technological developments, such as glass making, mining, steam power, machine tools, and architectural developments. The inventions during the industrial
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The invention of the steam engine by James Watt, and also that of the railroads increased the job opportunity in society. USA transformed from agricultural society to a manufacturing society, thus helping specialization and mechanization. The modern industrialization had an idea of mass manufacturing. There are many pro’s and con’s to this effect; increase job opportunity, this increased the number of middle class families and greatly impacted the role of women in society, increase production of goods, increase ability to transport materials and finished products over all of the country. The industrial revolution also created more urbanization. The invention railroads also changed the standard of living. Fresh food could be delivered to distant places, traveling businesses flourished. This gave people opportunity to travel, exchange different ideas, and overall raised the standard of living. Although industrialization helped the society in many ways, it also harmed equally. As urbanization increased there was overcrowding in the cities. This led to health issues because of the dirty and unhealthy living conditions. Disease started to spread quickly. In the 20th century however there were bigger effects in the transformation of the economy and culture of society. In the 20th century with the increase population commercialization played a big role. Ever changing fashion and designs increased the demands in the market. The innovation of the 19th century like telephone, steam engines, electricity, etc. out 20th century at a much faster pace, allowing more inventions to come. With idea of improvement spreading constantly the 21st century is also moving at an even faster pace. The inventions during the industrial revolution of the 19th century have been the basis for 21st century modern day technology. With the idea of the telephone people wondered how we can make the telephone better than

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