Industrialism And Transcendentalism In America

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1. The Northeast was one of the first to industrialize because it was the first to have factories. Factories was what made the Industrialist Revolution take off. Their success helped promote more machines. Before steam, the North used water from rivers for their mills. America overall had an abundance of natural resources compared to Europe, however the South had plantations and cash crops. They focused on producing large-scale agriculture verses subsistence, like in the North. Also, in the South there were many wealthy plantation owners that wanted the profits from agriculture and had slaves, which they believed was cheaper, for their work. In the North however, the women, like the Lowell girls, helped the factories work by being motivated …show more content…
The Second Great Awakening influenced social reform because the new ideas expressed were about the social order that was happening. Preachers focused more on social ideas. It included slaves, poverty, and alcohol. Many people were inspired to change by the pastors messages and wanted society to be better. At the same time, women were already feeling more importance with having a job and they were the majority of people who went to church so this led to them leading many social reforms, as previously mentioned.

5. American literature in the Jacksonian age showed democracy by showing the individuality of people, or transcendentalism. Authors such as Ralph Waldo Emerson, Walt Whitman, Margaret Fuller and Henry David Thoreau wrote of people being more individual and thinking of themselves. That everyone should be equal and not tied to anything. This feeling that even a common man can be equal to a elite represented democracy that the Jacksonian age was about. The “American Dream” was to rise from nothing and become something and Jackson represented
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The Election of 1824 was controversial because to was called the “corrupt bargain”. The people really loved Jackson, however the vote had to go to the House of Representatives for the first time, and Jackson didn 't have majority vote there. Again, Jackson represented the common man, so many Americans supported him, but not the representatives in office. When it went to the house, Henry Clay fully supported John Q. Adams and the House voted for Adams, even though that 's not what the people wanted. This led to many Americans being mad and why it was controversial.
11. The Election of 1828 was more of a revolution that the Revolution of 1800 because while back then the presidency changed political parties, in 1828 the type of man in charge was changing. Up to this point, the president was often elected based on merit and class as well as education. Jackson, however, wasn 't those things. He was poplar, a war hero, and the first true politician you see in American history that is know today. This new idea lasts until present day and is really the start of brand new politics. Jackson had a big campaign and really got a lot of the country on his

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