Industrial And Scientific Revolution Influenced The Development Of The Mexican Culture

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Industrial and Scientific Revolution influenced the development of the Mexican culture; however, the ideas proposed during the aged of Enlightenment played a key role in the progress and evolution of the Mexican society. The Enlightenment influenced the separation of the Church and the state of Mexico. The Enlightenment influenced and way of liberal thinking was promoted and people were able to thinking freely created different avenues to obtain better results for the economy, socially. Although, Scientific and industrial Revolution were important, Enlightenment influenced in the Mexican culture because there were stronger in catholic religion culture, and the personal values played important role because we treat people with respect and cordiality matters, personal politics and the education were influential through Enlightenment.
The Enlightenment brought passionate ideas about a better education for future to improve power of reasoning. Indeed and they thought society can be perfect. Human virtue and happiness came from less restricted imposition of the church and separation of state. The intellectuals stared business and ways to organized to limit the monarchy in the continents. Philosopher ideas influenced and marked the rejection of traditional and rationalism was born for a generation inspired by great philosopher as John Locke ideas inspired from Enlightenment. His argument and believed that human nature became from the accumulation of experiences not from…

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