Inductive Reasoning Vs. Deductive Reasoning Essay

796 Words May 29th, 2015 4 Pages
This lesson delved into the differences between inductive and deductive reasoning. It was wonderful to have the video clarifying the differences between the two. I learned more specifics about the value of inductive reasoning. The beginning of chapter four also gave me a great deal of insight into the kinds of inductive reasoning that are applicable in various situations or decisions and how statistics play a part. In reading through the chapter I began to realize that I may have had a more difficult time understanding deductive reasoning because inductive reasoning is something I have a tendency to use more often in my daily life. Inductive reasoning involves listing the factors that could play a part in an outcome or the results of related past events and how they may have impacted present circumstances. This allows for evaluating the best course of action for making future decisions. There are many possible uses and constructs for inductive reasoning. What I find most interesting about the process of inductive reasoning is that it does not isolate ideas, thoughts, facts or events. The drawback is that it will not necessarily lead to definitive. The interplay comes in when a conclusion is reached from inductive reasoning. That conclusion can then become a major premise for deductive reasoning. When I glanced through the chapter the first time, I thought I would be confused, but tying the inductive reasoning to deductive reasoning helped to clarify things for me. Of…

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