Essay on Indigenous Students And The Education System

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Due to the historical and Indigenous culture issues, Indigenous Australians always been discriminated and rejected by the mainstream society, the year 12 or equivalent attainment rate is lower than non-Indigenous Australians. Theirs deficiency of education and working skills lead them to a high rate of unemployment. The Australian government has special concerned about the employment of Indigenous Australians. Also, the schools and the education system have prioritized efforts to reduce Indigenous students’ educational disadvantages and prepare them for employment. However, the year 12 and higher education attainment rate of Indigenous students still lower than the non-Indigenous students. This essay will explore the particular needs of Indigenous students and the efforts of schools and the education system can put to support these disadvantage students.

For Indigenous students, one of the particular needs is family support in their educations. Indigenous culture has significant influences on Indigenous Australians. They thought they have spiritual connect to the land. Millions years, the Indigenous people have lived in a primitive tribal life, they can self-sufficient. They are satisfied to live in this way because they can keep their Indigenous identity without modern society’s impacts. Educating Indigenous students is a way to induce them into non-Aboriginal (Cregan et al., 2002, p. 298). Therefore, Indigenous parents believe that their children only need to learn some…

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