Indigenous Lovers - Original Writing Essay

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Indigenous Lovers I was running through the woods near my home, hearing loud murmurs and cries calling my name, “Coorah! You disgrace! What about our bloodlines? You cannot do this!”. If I had been given the chance to go back in time, I would have yelled back to my one and only family, “Anything is achievable, and I have fought to gain my independence for years!”. I spotted the flickering lights of the closest town, South Dundas, his town, and I felt the wind gusts pushing me towards it, like nature knows. Through everything I have been through, nature is still my one and only reliance. It is my duty to respect my family and my elders, but as a grown woman, I knew I could make my own choices as soon as I turn eighteen, the year where my name, Coorah, really fits into place. Everyone has their chance to be an adult, and you do not want it coming. At least, that is what my father and the rest of the generation of my family, the Bouyers, have always mentioned to their children. I had my whole life planned ahead of me, as cliché as it seems, but I have never felt like I have quite belonged in my family of Iroquois people. For the last few years, I have given a lot of thought into my love life and not just in the typical way that you would expect of a young girl. I imagine my marriage, my family, me being a loving mother. Except… it all began to feel out of place when I fell in love with a boy out of my tribe, out of my bloodline or people. Scary as it seems, I tried to make…

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