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Recently launched in India the microwave oven is among the fastest moving consumer durable product today. Initially when the product was launched it took some time to gain a foothold in the market but with the changing lifestyles of Indian the product started finding its way into more and more Indian homes. Also termed as wonder devices the introduction of microwaves has lessened the burden of cooking specially for working women in India. Initially the concept of the microwave oven was not very well welcomed by the Indian masses. But over the last few years there has been a tremendous growth in the sales of microwave ovens in India. Out of the 25,000-crore consumer durable market in India microwave ovens are said to be the fastest growing. …show more content…
The level remains shockingly miniscule, under one percent. Many people also find that food cooked in a microwave doesn’t taste the same as the food which is cooked in traditional way. Marketers must take these weaknesses of microwave ovens and develop a strategy that benefits consumers of the everyday Indian cuisine.

In order to continue the increase the sales White Appliance's microwavesin Indiana, marketers must focus on the strengths of the appliance and apply them to India market through communication. The strengths include an easy to use appliance for a modern life as a result will save time. In comparison, there is no need to keep watch on your food. This also saves you from constant monitoring of the cooking process. You only set up the time and the oven will automatically operate. In addition, microwave ovens retain nutrients and vitamins in the food. Lastly, you can use it as microwave or OTG (oven/toaster/grill) combination cooking where the microwave and OTG combines at different settings to cook a variety of Indian and Continental dishes.

In conclusion, the microwave oven is one of the fastest-growing consumer products in the Indian appliance market. In the current Indian lifestyle, the microwave oven suits many needs of the typical Indian family from the efficiency that is guaranteed to combine multiple steps of food preparation and

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