Essay on Indiana Is Not A Border State

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“Indiana was home to 314,501 immigrants in 2013, which is more than the total population of Cincinnati, Ohio” (New 1). Over the past two decades, Indiana has taken a closer look at the population of immigrants in the state. Although Indiana is not a border state, people from many other countries decide to emigrate to Indiana for a better life. The largest ethnic groups who come to Indiana to live, originate from Asian and/or Spanish speaking countries. “Roughly 1 in 12 Hoosiers are Latino or Asian” (New 1). Typically immigration to Indiana from other countries results from the native countries having poor living conditions, wanting better education and occupations and declining economic systems from these foreign countries; unfortunately, these immigrants face many obstacles along the way. Many citizens of the United States wonder why people emigrate to the country. Since many people consider the United States the “melting pot”, immigrants come over for better opportunities. Immigrants emigrate for a better education, better jobs, better health, and to escape violence and drugs within their family. Most immigrants come over to unite with their family members that already reside here. (Leinenbach 1) Based on the population within the counties, most of the newer immigrants in Indiana head for urban areas and non-agricultural employment. A century ago, immigrants were recruited in the northwest sector of the state, by the area’s steel mills during the WWI era. The…

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