India 's Territorial Command Over Kashmir Essay

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Until August 15th 1947 India was under the rule of the British Raj. However, before leaving the colonial powers deciced to partition the region into two nations: India and Pakistan on the basis of religion. This turned into a bitter rivalry, a hostility developed between two nations and incidencies which resulted into bloodshed. The main reason for the conflict is to have territorial command over Kashmir; an Indian state which lies besides the borders of India and Pakistan. To take the full control over the region, there have been many wars between the two nations, the Kargil war in 1999, war in 1948 and 1965. This wars have led both countries to take ownership of nuclear weapons.

Before partition, a Hindu ruler known as the Maharaja ruled the regions of Jammu and Kashmir. After the independence, the Maharaja was advised to join and accede to the newly created India or Pakistan “to accede to India or to Pakistan, bearing in mind the gweographical situation of their respective states, the composition of their population and the wish of their people”(Sarwar Hasan, 1960). The first Indo-Pak war took place on October 1947 when Pakistan supported a Muslim insurgency in Kashmir. Armed tribesmen from Pakistan invaded the borders of the state of Jammu and Kashmir and created a violent uprising. The Maharaja was angered by the invasion and asked India for its assistance. In return, he agreed to give up his land to India by signing an instrument of accession. However, there was a…

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