Essay about Independence : When Divorced Parents Make You Stronger

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Independence: When Divorced Parents Make You Stronger “Girls, your mother doesn’t love y’all like I do.” Daddy points out as we drive down the street. He just picked Ashley and I up from Momma’s House, and we get to spend the entire weekend together. I love it when Daddy picks us up. We always have more fun with him than we do with Momma. I’m only six years old, but on weekends with him we get to have fun all weekend. It is always better with Daddy than Momma. We make plans to go to the movies, and eat out on Friday night, which is something that Momma never lets us do. On Saturday, Daddy makes us wake up early. If Momma had done that, I would complain, but since it is our dad, it is okay. After waking us up, we have to clean our room, but the reward for cleaning is we get paid money! Momma and Jeff don’t pay us for anything. We have to vacuum and make our beds and pick up leaves outside, but there is never a reward. My older sister and I have many reasons for loving our dad’s house better, and these are only a few. After we’ve been given our ‘allowance’, Daddy announces that we get to go to the restaurant that he owns, Cattle Creek, and eat lunch. I always look forward to going to the restaurant because I get to be the waitress. In the afternoon, Daddy pairs me up with another waitress who is older and while she writes down the order and talks to the people, I get to try and balance their drinks in one hand on a tray. It’s always really fun and another reason that I like…

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