American Revolution Economic Effects

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These days, many people might have heard about the fourth of July - Independence Day, the day that the United States of America was freed from the British colonies and started to have its own rights, but few people actually know what happened. This essay will talk about the American Revolution, the events that took place and the causes and negative effects of this event. After this it offers some recommendations on how they could have dealt with these negative effects.
When looking more closely at the causes, firstly, there are the economical causes of the war to which several factors can be accounted to. The first economic cause was the Navigation act. In that time, the British believed in the Mercantilism theory which focused on trying to
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Here the goods were inspected and taxed so it led to anti-British sentiment. The next economical reason of the war was the Intolerable Act. In 1774 as the British adopted the Coercive Act, which was also called the Intolerable act. The British target of adopting these acts was to isolate Boston by closing Boston’s port because Boston was an opponent of the British. Finally, the last cause was the Tea Crisis act. After a British tea company had too much tea in its inventory, Britain's Parliament wanted to help this company so the parliament imposed a tax on other companies selling tea and created a monopoly to sell its tea at a higher cost than normal. Therefore the colonies in North America refused to import only tea from England so this led to the creation of the Boston tea party, which was one of the most important events in the American Revolutionary war.
Apart from the economical causes, there were political causes too. Firstly, it was about the pressure from the British monarchy put on their colonial territories. After winning the French and Indian War, King George II
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The first effect was on the natives. This was because many native American tribes and confederacies had sided with the British. They had hoped for a British victory that would continue to restrain the land-hungry colonial settlers from moving west beyond the Appalachian Mountains. Unfortunately, the Americans’ victory and Native Americans’ support for the British created a pretense for justifying the rapid and often brutal expansion into the western territories. Ultimately, American independence marked the beginning of the end of what had remained of Native American independence. The next effect is that the country was divided after the war even though most Americans were not happy about the British taxation laws. The differences separating Patriots from Loyalists were unclear but feelings were nonetheless bitter. Individual Loyalists were often set upon by mobs, tarred and feathered and otherwise abused. Some were thrown into jail for no legitimate reason; others were exiled and their property confiscated.Battles between Tory units and the Continental Army were often exceptionally bloody.This really caused a great division among the colonists even after the war. Finally, the biggest impact of the American Revolutionary war is that it led to another big war, the French Revolution. The primary ally for the American colonies was France. At the start of the war, France helped by providing supplies to the Continental Army.

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