Indentification of a Marketing Guru Essay

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Part 1. Identification of the marketing academic’s work

1. Introduction
Philip Kotler has come to be known as one of the pioneers who has contributed to the field of marketing by broadening the subject as a profession which is now taught in schools and as part of a key area which needs to be incorporated in the business as part of the business plan.

Born in Chicago on the 27th of May in 1931 to Russian Immigrants. He grew up with his three brothers in Chicago, where his parents ran a retail business. At an early Dr Kotler was seen to be someone who enjoyed reading. Dr Kotler is married to Nancy with three children.
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2. Professional Background Kotler earned his Masters degree in economics from University of
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Kotler has also acknowledged the importance of other leading academics during his early period of his career. Kotler noted () “Sid Levy opened my eyes to the applicability of marketing theory beyond goods and commercial services.” The driving force behind this change was the belief that management was a process that applied to all types of organisations, business and non-business, public and private for profit and non-profit.

His rich background in related disciplines attracted the Ford Foundation to shortlist him as one of the candidates for their one-year long mathematics class. This certainly contributed to the way Kotler viewed marketing by linking mathematics with marketing concepts.

His work in the marketing field has varied from product,consumer value,marketing as part of business and now moving marketing into society, religions, health and the future to come.

However his work could easily be classifed into three broad subjects:


Kotler introduced the subject of marketing as a science in his early publications. In his books published in the late 1960s to mid 1970s he defined marketing as analysis, planning, implementation and control Kotler, 1967. His earlier articles also supported this as evidenced by his articles in the Journal of Marketing such as The Use of Mathematical Models in Marketing, Marketing Mix Decisions for New Products and Operations

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