Incurable Essay

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 Prologue 

The sun is about to set. That fuzzy and pitch-black place with a nostalgic hymn of the approaching dying twilight is already filled with his desire to wake up from his endless nightmare. Holding a golden ring on his right hand, he is calmly watching over the horizon as he tries to feel better, but he cannot for he is still caged within the memories of the wicked past and within the present catastrophe. He gradually leaned his back to that mango tree where their chained names are carved inside a heart. For the past 99 days, it has been his desperate habit to wait there for the coming of that person whom he knows will never arrive. Then liquids of emotions flowed out of his vision as his heart drowns with it. Nothing can
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He scroll down the driver’s window to feel the gentle afternoon breeze and started to whistle a relaxing melody – the song that his girlfriend composed and written for him.
He arrived in the park before the clock hits 3:30. She is not there yet. However, its okay for him for the situation gives him a time to practice for what he will be offering for her. He waited patiently. But it seems that time is so fast that it was already an hour of waiting yet still, she hadn’t arrived. He grabbed his IPhone10 mobile to check on her. He dialled her number but nobody responded except for the operator saying, “The number you have dialled is unattended or out of coverage area. Please leave your message at this moment.” He dialled again but same result. He texted her, “Hon, I will wait for you. Love lots! ” Nobody replied.
He sat down under the mango tree they called as their symbol of strong and dignified love. He smiled again upon seeing their carved name they made during their first anniversary celebration there. But it immediately fades out. He thought deep. She had changed. She was never like that before. It is not innate for her to be late. He threw a deep sigh and feels the wind crawling above his skin and closed his eyes to meditate. Suddenly, a loud noise from above made him woke. It’s about to rain. He hurriedly stood and made dwell on his car before the tiny liquid dots strike him. As the rain pours heavily, his tears flooded. On his mind, “How can

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