Inclusive Definition And Practice Of Inclusive Education Essay

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Research Question: How can I re-examine my understandings about inclusive definition and

practices in order to re-think of ways and factors that can support all students with various

abilities to participate fully in an inclusive environment?

Inclusive education has become the main focus of the controversial discussions about the

development of a successful educational practice around the world (Farrell and Ainscow, 2002).

Many authors have been trying to define the word “inclusive” in various ways. Zionts (1997)

states that inclusion is the philosophy that brings families, students and different community

members together to build their social institutions based on their sense of acceptance and

belonging. He adds that practicing inclusion at school enhances a collaborative and a

supportive learning environment that the students need as well as respecting and learning from

each other’s individual differences. In a similar pattern, Salend (2001) agrees with Zionts’s

definition, but adds that inclusion is also about including students with different abilities in the

same classroom to have the same learning opportunities and programs.

On the other hand, Vidovich and Lombard (1998, p. 51) have an inconsistent definition to

other authors when they state that, "responsible inclusion has more to do with a philosophy and

belief than placement of all students in general classrooms and programs". They focus on the


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