Incest As A Deviant Act Essay

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Incest is defined as the “sexual intercourse between people who are very closely related.” (Merriam.) Incest has widely been regarded as a deviant act.. Long ago it was not seen as such a deviant act, as many royal families took part in interbreeding between cousins in order to keep their bloodlines pure. Over time as science progressed, it was realized that children that were the products of incest might have some physical and cognitive troubles because of how close the genetics of their parents were. However, there are still many cases to be found where people are still engaging in these acts and don’t see themselves in the wrong. The practice of incest dates back to almost the beginning of recorded history. If the Bible is to be believed, then Adam and Eve’s children would have had to reproduce with each other. There are several instances in the early chapters of the Bible, up until Leviticus chapters 18:9-19 where God tells Moses that:
“You shall not uncover the nakedness of your sister, your father 's daughter or your mother 's daughter, whether brought up in the family or in another home. You shall not uncover the nakedness of your son 's daughter or of your daughter 's daughter, for their nakedness is your own nakedness. You shall not uncover the nakedness of your father 's wife 's daughter, brought up in your father 's family, since she is your sister. You shall not uncover the nakedness of your father 's sister; she is your father 's relative. You shall not…

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